Dorris Clinard

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Dorris ClinardClarksville police are hoping to generate new leads on a homicide from more than six years ago.

Dorris Clinard, 57, was found stabbed to death near his driveway on July 27, 2007.

Clinard was active in his church, devoted to his wife, Connie, and seemed to have no enemies.

Officer Natalie Hall said around 7 a.m. that morning, a neighbor leaving for work, spotted Clinard lying between two cars in the parking area outside his home on West Park Drive.

He had been stabbed in the chest area.

Officer Hall said there was no indication of a robbery and no one had heard anything. His wife was still asleep.

“That was the whole problem with this case. We didn’t have a whole lot to go on,” Officer Hall said.

She said the neighborhood is normally safe and quiet, even to this day.

“It is a good area to run and jog in the morning or anytime during the day, just because you feel comfortable there,” Officer Hall said.

Officer Hall said around that same time every morning, Clinard would typically step outside to smoke a cigarette before work.

That morning, she said several witnesses possibly saw one or two suspicious men walking in the area, but that never led to any suspects.

Dorris Clinard was a lifelong resident of Clarksville and had worked at Levelle Valley Creamery in La Vergne for 25 years. He had just started a new job at a fiberglass company in Clarksville, My Word is My Bond, four days prior to his murder. He had changed jobs to be closer to home.

One year after his murder, a garden monument at his church, Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian, was dedicated in his honor.

The memorial features the Ten Commandments and Dorris’ favorite Bible verse, John 3:16.

The family sent News 2 this statement this week:

“The Family of Dorris Clinard would like to extend our gratitude to the Clarksville Police Department for their resolve in the investigation of this murder case. We would like to thank News 2 for providing a platform to inform the community that this case continues to be examined and that we are looking for any possible leads. We plead for anyone with any information to contact the Clarksville Police Department. We, as a family, continue to miss him each and every day. Our hope is to find closure and justice at the end of this process.”

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