Jane O’Grady

Pointe West, Florida 8 February 2012

Jane O’Grady is 97 years old.

She is hard of hearing and has a glass eye.

And, much to the chagrin of a local assisted and independent living facility, she smokes.

The Lakes at Pointe West has told her she will be evicted if she doesn’t stop smoking inside her one-bedroom apartment.

Shortly afterwards:

“Jane O’Grady, the 97-year-old woman who faced eviction from The Lakes at Pointe West for smoking in her apartment, spent last weekend in the hospital.

She’s now in a local hospice facility.

According to her friends, Jane was experiencing breathing problems Friday and was rushed to Indian River Medical Center.

On Tuesday afternoon, she was transferred to the VNA Hospice House.

“Hospice doesn’t scare her,” said Margie Decker, who visited Jane at IRMC earlier Tuesday. “She’s ready to die. She’s more than ready to meet her maker.”

“The threat of eviction is a moot point now, it would seem.

Jane O’Grady died on 20 Feb 2012

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